Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stir the Pot

There is tension in the air.

I don't think that any American would deny that.

Perhaps we can also agree that killing people is bad.

All together now?

You know who everyone should be mad at?

The people doing the killing!!!

Still with me?

Killing cops is wrong.

Shooting people dead at a traffic stop is also a tad harsh.

But you know what's really killing us???

Fanning the flames!!

It doesn't take a genius to say "I knew there was going to be another shooting!"

There are also no points given to people for getting people all worked up by generalizing things when something happens.

I couldn't have been more disappointed to read the words from one of the presidential candidates about the sitting president.

There's something wrong with his body language?

I must be a little slow.

I've heard the words delivered after each of the shootings.

The president has condemned the violence each time, hasn't he?

Didn't he say that shooting cops can't happen?

Didn't he cry when talking about Newtown?

Did I miss a hand signal of some sort?

Did he twitch his nose, sending a secret signal to the next lunatic?

The way through the division in this country appears simple to me.


You can disagree with someone.

It happens all the time.

But to be nasty, to try and fan the flames of the conspiracy theorists?

That's simply irresponsible...

...and wrong.

It's actually borderline criminal.

I think back to the uproar when Natalie Maines spoke out against George W. in Texas.

"How can anyone say such a thing about the president?"


...that's out the window now, right?

Now we're analyzing body language and making absolutely inane statements.

That's awful.

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