Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Vice-Presidential Pick Is In!!


He's not the sexy pick.

He leans a little left for some people, but he understands those on the right.

Here are some of his stances:


You want one...God Bless You...don't shoot me or yourself!

Legalize Marijuana

Go for it! People would spin in a circle to get dizzy if they had to.

Wall Street?

Put the bastards in jail for stealing! Let the honest ones stay. In other words, shut it down.


Let people live their own lives.

New Bills Stadium?

Hell yeah! Super Bowl in 2050!!!

Yes, I have chosen as my pick:

Mr. Jeff Popple

Now Mr. Popple certainly has his detractors.

Sarah Palin said this about him:

"We, as Americans, should be saying that us Americans, don't need another shooting from the hip, gay-supporting, pot advocate because we need to be chasing moose and riding our snowmobiles to the House of God where us Americans meet to be fun-loving, gun shooting people who love the flag and don't want him. Or something. I don't know. What was the question? Who's Jeff Popple? Didn't he invent bacon?"

Donald Trump said:

"Horrible. Brutal. Fazzolari did it again. They both have empty heads. Popple is dumber than Fazzolari. I watched him golf. He hits the ball 300 yards. That's when he's putting. Loooosers! Both of them. And eat? Did you ever see him eat???"

But I'm standing by my choice.

I was a little confused there at about midnight last night, but the ticket has been formed:



It's the first decent choice.

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