Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon??? Really????

I know some big, burly construction workers who are now running around town in search of Pokemon characters.

Have you heard about this?

Evidently there's an app that points you in the direction of the characters from that goofy Pokemon series.

You travel, outside, in the real world, and a character some how pops up and you take your picture with it.

I'm not kidding!

And adults are chasing these characters around.

Okay, full disclosure here...

...I paid a freaking fortune for those Pokemon cards!

For some reason...because of his goofy friends...Jake got mixed up in the Pokemon craze.

A pack of those cards was about 4 bucks. There were about three cards in each pack. I remember one particular day when I bought three packs.

Jake looked through them in less than 10 seconds...tossed them aside saying "I got all of them."

$12 bucks down the drain.

And you know where those cards are now?

All over the basement storage room...

...hundreds of them.

And now adults are chasing these characters in the outside world, and getting their photos snapped with them.


But there's hope!

There are criminals working tricks with the app...

...luring dopey people to isolated areas where they rob them!


What a freaking world!


What a freaking world!

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