Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's Just Business

Are there morals when it comes to business?

For instance?

Do you have to worry about your creditors when you file for bankruptcy?

The Donald has come under fire a little for filing for bankruptcy 4 times...

...he's unapologetic saying that it's all part of operating a business and doing so within the rules established.

But is it immoral?

How about Kevin Durant?

The superstar basketball player who played out his contract and being free to sign with any team decided to leave his team and go elsewhere.

To his rivals.

There are kids all over Oklahoma burning their Durant jerseys. I watched a video of a Dad breaking the news to his young son.

The kid was crying.

Should Durant feel bad about that?

"It's a business," is what you always hear. Durant played his heart out over ten years in Oklahoma City.

Be sure that if Durant couldn't do the work anymore...

...they'd push him out the door.

But hurt feelings are part of the game...

...corporations are certainly made up of people.

Years ago, a man went to work for a company and stayed there through retirement. There was a ceremony at the end. A gold watch.

A retirement party and collect your pension.

It doesn't happen that way anymore.

People jump from job to job and in some cases from profession to profession.

"Durant is a jerk," Jake announced before the ink was dry on the Golden State contract.

And I get that he feels that way.

"It's business," I said. "You can choose where you go to work. Sometimes there are reasons."

"He should've stayed," Jake said. "I hate him now."

And I'm sure Durant knew that was coming when he made his decision...

...but things have changed.

People don't feel quite so loyal to an organization anymore.

And that does pain me.

And I'm not sure why.

There was something about the gold watch and the pats on the back as you head off to spend time in an easy chair to fade.

But when it became just "business" to stiff your creditors, or when the pensions and other benefits went away...

...everything went out the window.

Durant will be just fine.

As long as he does his job.

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