Monday, July 25, 2016

Temper, Temper!

Chris Sale is a really good pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Evidently he is also something of a hot head.

On Saturday he was sent home by the team for cutting up the uniforms that the team was supposed to wear for the game. They were throwback uniforms that Sale didn't like because they caused him to feel differently as he pitched.

So he cut them to threads!

I also read a story about Ray Rice, the football player who punched his girlfriend in the face, on film.

He's been blackballed by the NFL.

He says that he'd play for free.

Still no takers.

Sometimes we are blinded by anger...

...we've all been there.

But how we handle it can define the rest of our days.

Count to ten!

Scream 'Serenity now!'

I used to have a temper that I wasn't great at controlling. I control it now...but sometimes...when I get extremely frustrated...I will sound off.

"We don't listen to you," Sam said.

"You'll be all right."

And usually I am.

We have a history of flash tempers in our family...

...Jake has always had a touch of it.

I think back to him going off over a video game when he was about four.

"Is he all right?" Kathy asked after I had gone in to check on him after the episode was over.

He had trashed his room like Keith Moon during the Who's heyday.

He was on his bed, looking at the results of his destruction.

"You wrecked your stuff," I said.

"I'm better now," he said.

I'm sure that Chris Sale feels a bit like a dope now.

Ray Rice is definitely remorseful.

The lesson, I guess, is to stay in control.

And if you can't...

...stop just before you make an ass out of yourself!

Believe me.

I've been there!

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