Thursday, July 28, 2016

Time Away

Burnout is a real thing.

We all have jobs where we least I hope most of us do...and when the intensity is amped up for long stretches of time...well, something has to give.

I was there.

So, we talked of getting away.

I have a dream, shared with my brothers, to get back to San Francisco some day and look at the work we did out there about 30 years ago.

That trip fell through.

So we talked about catching the Yankees in Florida and catching some sun...

...but the sun is here!

We stayed home.

Kind of.

"We need to plan some fun activities," I told my beautiful wife.

And so far, so good.

Breakfast out nearly every day.

Buffalo does have nice hotel rooms, that change the environment.

Dinner at one of my favorite Italian places.

We checked out good wings at Mammosers.

I even played golf for the first time in 6 weeks...and despite continued back and leg pain...I hit the ball well...and survived it.

And the running joke has been about the "activities".

At Camp Clifford, evidently, fun activities go on all the time.

I'm just not around to participate.

I've attended a few events this week, and I've done my best to NOT say:

"We have to do this, or that."

I've let things go!

Which is difficult for me.

And so far...thoughts of what needs to be done have kind of cracked the periphery...but I've pushed them aside.

Because we all need to decompress from time to time.

It's a difficult lesson for me.


But I'm trying!

"The dogs bowl needs water," I mentioned to one of the campers as they moved by me.

"I'll get it," he said. "You just relax."

Giving it a shot!

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