Sunday, July 31, 2016

Khizr Kahn

There was a very worthy speech at one of the conventions after all.

Khizr Kahn took the stage at the DNC and thoroughly captured all that is right in America as he also reminded us all that is wrong.

His son, was killed in service of the country during the Iraq war.

Kahn's family is Muslim-American.

Which makes it a "complicated" issue for all who want to sell the story that every Muslim wants to kill Americans.

That kid died a hero...trying to defend American principles in a war that was most likely misguided.

How can that story be spun into anything other than tragic?

A young Muslim gone, defending America.

And Dad was understandably angry with the candidate who wants to ban all Muslims from entering a country that is based on the principles that America is for all.

Kahn actually waved a copy of the constitution at the podium and offered it to the candidate who stands in opposition to all Muslims based on the actions of a few.

How do the people of hate take apart that passion-filled speech?

How would that be possible?

Not even the hate-filled candidate could bash a kid who died in service of the country...

...even though he was Muslim, right?

Well, for the most part...

...all involved, in both parties, were on the side of courage and recognized the tragedy.

Except for Ann Coulter.

She sent out a hate tweet bashing Kahn for his accent.

Further illustrating what is wrong with everything.

Coulter has always been a loudmouth and she normally yells out ugly, nasty things that are demeaning to groups of people.

She knew nothing of the pain and suffering...but spoke anyway.

She had absolutely nothing productive to add to the conversation...but tweeted anyway.

And then the Donald responded in a truly vile way by implying that Kahn's wife wasn't speaking because she's not allowed to.

Trump couched it as he usually does by saying, "He's not saying that, but some people are."

He's not even brave enough to say the disgusting crap he's saying.

People who were looking to hang onto their hate...had a place to go to do that.

As an American and as a Dad I could really feel for Kahn and his family.

I'm not Muslim, but I could identify with the man on a different level.

And therein lies the problem.

We all have agendas.

We all get passionate about certain things...

...we will all disagree.

Disagreement isn't always bad when it comes in a democracy...

...but it is when it's shrouded in hate.

Kahn and his family should be proud to be American and may their son rest in peace.

Coulter, Trump and all who think like them should be ashamed...

...and if they read that copy of the United States Constitution they should be embarrassed...

...about how un-American they are.

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