Thursday, December 17, 2009

What A Shame

Chris Henry was a wide receiver who made millions a year. The stats are easily looked up - four arrests, a couple of suspensions, and a sad, violent death. The recaps of his life are coming in now and everyone speaks of how he had straightened up.

Yet he died after getting thrown from a moving pick-up during a domestic dispute. I ain't a judge, but I certainly feel sympathetic that a 26-year-old man went in such a manner. A crying shame.

Another day, another story about Cheetah - now the wife is gone, or so they say. That is a shame for the kids, I suppose, and I imagine Cheetah will be okay somehow, but it's a shame that it's all anyone is talking about.

I had lunch with a dozen guys today and the the most prevalent thought was that he had to do it - he had women at his disposal - who else wouldn't do it? The women in the office were a little less understanding - they used to call him the greatest golfer ever - now they call him scumbag.

I see Oral Roberts finally met his maker. According to him they had an on-going discussion for years and years. Talk about scumbags.

He built an empire on the fears of a lot of other people, and played his charade out until he was a multi-millionaire. Now that he's gone I would like to find one person who clearly benefited from one of his miracles. Touching people and curing what ails them and then cashing the checks of the poor and confused.

Like I said, I'm not supposed to judge, but it's a shame if where he's heading now isn't unbelievably hot.

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deafjeff said...

debil debil debil debil debil debil dcooooome oooouuuuwwwwt! I still can't hear, guess I need a better connection.


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