Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Big Snowstorm

Working outside a lot I must say that I'm not a big fan of the winter. Who wants to dress up just to function? The body works harder in the cold and all that, and like my dogs, I would much rather be warm.

Yet I live in the Northeast, in a city that has a reputation for snow (even though there are a lot of places worse off then Buffalo - snow-wise, anyway). So, there is a certain element of 'putting up with it' in play.

Days like today, though, I don't mind at all. I seriously doubt if I'm going anywhere at all.

The storm came blowing through at midnight. Everyone was already snug in their beds. There was little to worry about other than the idea that the morning would bring nothing except for a full house and a lot of noise.

My out-doors work will be shut down for the day. A day of setting up schedules and preparing for work hardly even seems like work. And it got me thinking back in time... the Blizzard of '77 and how we were all stuck in the big house on Shirley Road - six kids, two parents, two dogs - plenty of fighting, laughing, eating, arguing, playing monopoly, laughing some more and not even worrying if the storm never passed.

Off of school for two weeks, the cops swinging by the house asking if we needed anything and then laughing when my father asked for cigarettes and booze. Similiar to the request I would make in this day and age, and laughing even louder when the cop who knew Dad so well, actually delivered the contraband.

There's a certain security to bonding through a storm. A belief that Mom and Dad would make it all right for us was a great lesson to learn.

During that blizzard I remembered being scared that the world would end, but after all was said and done, we faced the storm, actually had a good time, and made it through to sunnier days.

That's what I like most about winter - knowing that it will eventually end - and gaining strength from toughing it out.

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