Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ah Come On Buffalo!

Some people accuse me of rooting against the Buffalo teams, but my wisdom on that is you can fool me a bunch of times but after 40 or so years I catch on.

The Bills and Sabres had been stringing me along for so long that I grew weary and now it is more fun to make fun.

But I thought we had a chance at this one.

Buffalo was shooting for the longest stretch of days without snow - we were real close to passing the 2nd longest stretch - we just had to make it to Friday - and it was 65 on Saturday.

"We're going to do it!" I told the kids.

Sunday...no snow. Monday...no snow.

The big weatherman suggested it might end.

"We can do it!" I yelled at my tv.

Yet lo and behold, it was all another tease.

I woke up this morning to see the blanket of snow. My first thought was about all of the people who had worked so hard to see the record be topped and how disappointed they would be this morning.

"We gave it a-hundred-and-ten-percent," Don Paul the channel 4 guy said. "In the end we just ran into a force we couldn't handle."

"We'll get them next year," Mike Randall concluded. "It's been a valuable learning experience and we'll be ready to beat that record. We're young and with a good draft...

Yet here I am again, just so let down. It's almost like that moment when Ronnie Harmon dropped the pass, or when Norwide pushed the field goal, or when Brett Hull stood in the crease, or the Music City Miracle.

'We'll get 'em next year' sucks.

I thought we had 'em this year.

Now where is my Carhartt? I need it until May.

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Larry L said...

You should live in the south wearing your Bills jacket. I get a couple of go Bills but I get more laughs. It is funny how many people you find are from the Buffalo area. I just talked to one of my suppliers in Cincinnati, today. He said he went to Amherst for Thanksgiving. He was surprised to hear I was from that area.


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