Friday, December 25, 2009

So Many Blessings

It's so easy to lament what is lost. It's so simple just to chase your tail, and upon catching it realize that there's nothing you wanted to do with it anyway.

A couple of years ago my Christmas post was the words - God Gave Me Everything I want - and it sort of haunted me today as the kids ripped away at their presents, hoping that the next one was the one they really wanted.

Of course, there were smiles all around, and it does my heart good to know that they're safe, secure and relatively happy. It's our solemn vow that they remain in that frame of mind, but the cloud in our hearts this year can certainly block out the sun on certain days.

So...time to count the old blessings, right?

A great family - to my beautiful wife and equally beautiful kids - so much to thank each other for - day in and day out - a prayer that its never forgotten - not even in the darkest minutes.

Brothers, sisters, mother and father - in-laws, out-laws and dogs as my nieces and nephews. We know all about love - at least that much is true - and there's a cost for love - a price to pay - it's still worth the price. Don't ever forget the heartbeat.

Good friends - I have a ton of them - from years gone by - Gag, Rosie, Larry, Fluff, Lisa, Terry, Chris and Chris, Pops, Scott, Jeffie, John, Al, and on and on and on - not meaning to skip anyone but the list is so long and I'm so thrilled to keep in touch - it made my year to see most and talk to all, and the Yanks winning it kept us closer - so hate them if you have to, but they promote friendships.

Bruce! Three times this year - just as good as the first time in '83. Keep coming around!

My publisher and all at Sterlinghouse - you pushed me into the most important book in '10 - thanks for that - perhaps saved me - always thinking one step ahead for me -appreciate it.

Co-workers - I started watching The Office this year and it reminded me that you don't have to love everyone you work with, but luckily I have no complaints.

Health - health - health - stay hungry, stay alive. I'm always hungry - praying for the strength to stay on the beam. Too much left to do, right?

And of course, #27 - I feel #28 coming around quickly - no more waiting for 9 long years, right?

Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me through - help is still needed.

God Gave Me Everything I Want and I intend to hold on for dear life.


Larry L said...

I nothing to add but Amen brother!

Gag said...

ditto Larry.

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