Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do You Have Any Hand Sanitizer?

I've officially lost it - I can no longer shake any one's hand without immediately thinking about getting hand sanitizer.

Today was particularly troublesome as I saw a bunch of people and immediately had to shake hands.

There was one particularly sceevy bastard who wanted to offer his hand and I kept pretending that I didn't see it.

Finally, he thrust it right into my mid-section - so I shook it.

Don't touch your hands to your mouth, don't touch your hands to your mouth, I kept thinking.

Thankfully, there was a bathroom nearby - I cleaned my hands and headed back out to the group- don't you know someone new came up and stuck their freaking hand out -

shake, shake, shake - asshole sneezed too.

The rest of the meeting was all about not touching anyone else - but of course, I shook about three more hands.

What am I running for office? Why do these people want to touch my hand anyway?

So stupid - I'm turning into Howie Mandel.

I found a bottle of sanitizer on my way out - cleaned my hands.

Cleaned them again when I got back in my car.

Don't worry about shaking my hand - I'm clean.


deafjeff said...

With you, touching your MOUTH is the last thing I'm worried about.


How come no one does the story about the new sanitizers on the market which are alcohol-free? There are new products that kill 3 times the germs, work up to 30 minutes, and they are safer to use than alcohol. This one is my favorite: http://www.cleanphirst.com/store/alcohol_free_foam_hand_sanitizer.asp


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