Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Play Judge Judy All Day

Feeling as if I'm losing touch, I put the news on tonight. Topping the news was the Cheetah Woods story - no kidding - three or so weeks after the idiot drove off the tree, he was story number one. His wife was seen without her wedding ring and his doctor was being investigated for steroids.

Who cares? Put him in jail.

Second story was the exciting news that the worst actor of all-time, Keeanu Reaves is in Buffalo making a movie. They showed him getting out of a car without a coat! What a brave man - it was cold and he wasn't wearing a coat! They showed the footage over and over and then interviewed a pack of idiots on the street.

"I was so excited to catch a glimpse of him!" squealed one particularly giddy moron. "I just love him."

Yeah - rent November whatever the hell it was, with Charlize Theron and then tell me how good he is. Or the one where he played a doctor - that was a bit of a stretch now, wasn't it? He must have studied hard to try and say 'penicillin' without screwing it up.

Yet I was waiting for the news. Is our news just all entertainment these days? Aren't we fighting a war? Health Care? The polar ice caps melting? Bankers stealing the money again? Nothing!

The third story was about TO and the 5 and 8 Bills and how uncomfortable they were in going outside to practice for 45 minutes. I'd just spent the entire day outside, freezing my considerable ass off, and TO was all smiles telling us how hard he worked to catch the freaking ball the three times it was tossed at him.

I guess that's why he makes 6 million a year - poor guy - next time they make him freeze he should call OSHA.

So - I flipped the station to Judge Judy - she made me feel better instantly.

There was finally news as she tried to divy up the property from a relationship gone bad.

"Put your hand down!" she screamed at one of the clueless bastards standing before her.

Now that's entertainment.

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Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

You sound a lot like Grandpa Fuzzy...

I'm just sayin'.

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