Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faking It

I went to the one Christmas party that I go to each year and I was a little concerned that I was going to have to fake having fun, but thankfully, my friends picked me up. I even told a rather filthy, Larry David joke to about ten people and it went over pretty well. (Great joke, by the way - not fit for the blog).

And the difficult part of this entire year is that there is a gnawing in the back of the brain - things just don't seem as fun as they used to - I visited the Jersey Shore, Philly, Florida, and New York City this year.

I saw Bruce three times in three different cities. All rousing successes.

The 27-time World Champion Yankees brought the trophy back to where it belongs.

And still...

They say that when one goes through deep grief they either stay stuck in the grief or emerge on the other side with a feeling of peace and a new-found sense of calm.

I've seen the response in others, and I've actually felt it from time-to-time - the mundane doesn't seem so critical - but there are still moments when you feel you are just plain faking it, right?

At the party last night the food was great, the few drinks I had were actually refreshing, and the company was lively, but just a couple of short weeks until we are supposed to feel the best we've felt all year, right?

And I'm wondering about having to go through the motions.

Then again, the Yankees are spending money, Bruce is on the History Channel tomorrow night, and the Bills are going to shock the world (according to my boys) make up 6 games in the four games they have left, sweep through the playoffs and win the Super Bowl!

Yeah and Cheetah Woods is going to win the Master's.

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