Monday, December 14, 2009

Believe it or Not

Yesterday afternoon my sister posted a blurb about an atheists claim that there is no evidence of God. The atheist contradicted herself by acknowledging that God had let her down too many times to validate that he existed. My sister rightly pointed out that acknowledging the existence of God invalidates the argument that he doesn't exist.

And everyone I know has been all across the board on this subject - everyone has an opinion and probably rightly so. After the comment was posted there were 23 different postings related to the topic. I didn't even get that big of a response to my all-time favorite sitcoms posting.

Yet 23 different people have 23 different views, right? He believes this, She believes that, This one doesn't believe anything and no one has the right to question what you believe...

I suppose that is about it. Do you care what I believe? Should I try and change what you believe? Is what you believe something that was force-fed to you at an early age, or did you see a shot of Mary on the face of a Pringle's Chip?

Every day can start with those types of questions and hopefully some sort of healthy discussion between what's in your heart and mind and how you conduct yourself.

If there is no God as this woman believes then why not just act as poorly as one would like? (Or like Cheetah Woods?)

If God didn't care, what would stop you from going for the dirty martini mix every thirty minutes or so?

I don't know. I choose to believe. What I believe is my business and I'd never try to bring you over to my side.

My belief ultimately is that you should have your own belief - and try not to batter me over the head with it.

But believe it with everything you have, or you're just an empty shell, right?

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