Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Much?

It blows my mind sometimes when I hear that the infidelities of others truly don't carry a lot of weight in regard to the big picture.

I recall that Clinton's dalliances were greeted with indifference by some women. My mother shocked me by saying, 'Who cares?'

Of course, Tiger is story one everywhere. I was having lunch in a small diner in the middle of a small town somewhere in New York State.

"He's a billionaire. His wife has to expect it," one old guy said. "And what's the difference? He's still the greatest golfer in the world."

But I wonder?

My wife shocked me by saying that she didn't feel sorry for Tiger's wife. "She knew what she was getting into," Kathy said.

"Yeah, but bad behavior is bad behavior, regardless, right? Even if they had an agreement in their marriage, he still is making her look bad, right?

"Boo-hoo, she's loaded."

Yet does money take away the feeling of being betrayed? What is the cut-off point? How much money do you have to be worth before you're allowed to cheat? Aren't you also cheating on the kids?

"Don't worry about it," Kathy said. "You ain't close to the cut off point."

Considering that I'm worth all of three hundred bucks, I don't believe that I'll be in the clear anytime soon, either.

Then again, not sure I'd trade a trusting relationship for a tainted one - no matter how much I'm good for.

No more Tiger tomorrow - it just blows my mind that he'd do some of the things he's been accused of doing.

Having an affair while your wife is about to deliver your child?

Billionaire or not, it seems to be a real weak move.

Maybe I'm wrong.


deafjeff said...

I don't think the money matters at all. We all know guys who cheat at the drop of a hat if his wife so much bends over to tie her shoe. Cheaters cheat, rich, poor, smart stupid, golfers or hacks. They're just wired different.

Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

Been there, done that. Second child in delivery. Not nearly as loaded as Tiger's wife - it might have taken away some of the sting. But probably not. You are right Cliffy and so is Pops. Cheaters cheat. Dirt bags.


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