Monday, December 28, 2009

The Group of People I Hate

They say that being prejudiced is lumping together one group of people and making assumptions about them as if they were all one in the same. If that's the case, I'm prejudiced.

I hate television weathermen and weather women.

I think of this today because it took me an hour and a half to travel 18 miles this afternoon. Now, of course, blaming the snow on the weatherman is a little short-sighted, but those unfunny bastards take credit when the sun shines, don't they?

Perhaps it's their banter I hate most of all - they pretend that they were behind the sun shining bright and if it does happen to snow or rain then they say - "Well don't blame me! Ha-ha, hee-hee."

Yet they also tell me how smart they are when they are tracking a system with all of their sophisticated radar and such - and yet - not one of them saw my drive-time hell coming. Why is that oh wise one?

My hatred for weathermen also comes from my troubled youth when my grandmother absolutely had to watch the weather three or four times a day - I remember having to pick her up one time and drive her to our home in North Collins, but she couldn't leave right away because the weather was coming on - and this was in August!

Yet as I get older I find myself tuning into the weather more and more - and the greatest complaint is that they never seem to get it right. What other job can you fail 80% of the time and still get a chance to go to work the next day? Oh, yeah, you can be a Buffalo Bills team member.

(Nice shot of TO clipping his fingernails during the game - he said he noticed they were long - you didn't see that in the week leading up to the game?)

Yet the very next day, there's the witty weatherman selling us another pack of freaking lies and trying to cover their ass by giving us two or three different forecasts.

"Tomorrow should be mostly clear, unless it snows which would make it unclear, but that shouldn't hold on for too long, depending upon where you are, the sun might be shining through the snow squalls."

WTF does that mean?

Yet to be perfectly honest with you I do have one guilty pleasure and that is in watching the weekend weather people who are new to the game - they are usually so nervous and try real hard to sound as if they know what they're talking about. I love watching them stumble over words.

Yet they should just relax even the most seasoned among them sucks.

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deafjeff said...

I hate Joe Buck more,and all I have to do is read his comments. You need a good weather man? Look up! Blue is good, black is very bad and if you can't tell, go back to bed.


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