Thursday, November 19, 2009

Up Before the Dawn

It was an early morning yesterday and I was up before the dawn.

That's a Supertramp lyric I do believe. It kept ringing in my head this morning. I was wide awake by 4 this morning and it isn't because Bruce will be ringing through town on Sunday. I've seen him enough to be able to hold back the excitement.

And it isn't because I was dreaming about the 27-TIME WORLD CHAMPION YANKEES - they've also won enough for me to get used to it.

I wasn't worried about the next Bills coach - I'm quite aware they'll bungle that.

Thanksgiving worries? or Christmas shopping? Nah - what happens happens.

No, it was simply the feeling that I'd slept enough.

Yet there isn't a lot to do this early. I read for a bit, plotted the day ahead, and considered everything from Sarah Palin to the swine flu and figured they were both plagues we can do little about.

The prevailing thought was that it was simply a shame that I used to get in at four and was rested when I got up two hours later, but that was about twenty-five years ago. It's strange what happens to your body and mind in that span of time.

I recall being in college and being a bit loud as I returned home from a party with a group of friends at about ten PM - an "old" guy stood on his porch yelling at us because we were being loud in the middle of the night.

I remember laughing at the guy and wondering why he was so uptight, and why he thought ten o'clock was the middle of the night.

Ah well, I wouldn't change much about how I lived back then, but knowing what I know now I may not have laughed at the "old" guy. Ten o'clock is a prime sleeping hour.

Now I feel like going back to bed.


Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

Whenever I wake before the dawn, that song is in my head the entire day... now you have me singing it. "And I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on. Like a king without a castle, like a queen without a throne. I'm an early morning lover and I must be moving on." Helluva way to tell someone to piss off. (At least that's what I think it means, but who knows...)

Larry L said...

Damn you two!

Like a ship without an anchor like a slave without a chain just the thought of those sweet ladies sends a shiver through my veins

Cliff Fazzolari said...

Very impressive picking up on that. Can we do the whole song?

Gag said...

And I will go on shining
Shining like brand new
I'll never look behind me
My troubles will be few


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