Friday, November 20, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Bah! I travel a little so I usually get the room upgrade with the points. At the particular chain I stay with their best room is the jacuzzi suite and it is certainly not an upgrade.

First off, I'm not of the mind to set my own jacuzzi bath - I've always had a fundamental problem of washing with the water my ass is in.

Secondly, these rooms are not supposed to be for solo acts - because there are freaking mirrors everywhere. Being that I've become nearly fully nocturnal for the first time since I was an infant, I have spent a lot of awake time catching glimpses of myself moving around the big room.

Let me tell you - I've seen some things. Things that no man should ever see and things that billions of women would turn away from - and have!

There's a mirror in the freaking tub. I won't even enter that area until it fogs over. There's a huge mirror above the sink, one on the wall just outside the bathroom door, and God help me, one on the back of the bathroom door so that if you close the freaking door you can see yourself near, or on the toilet.

I came real close to scratching my eyes out this morning.

As I type this there is a mirror directly above the desk and I'm noticing the bags under my eyes, but the real problem is the eyebrows.

What the hell are those?

Did anyone other than my wife, who is not real shying about expressing her opinion, ever look at my eyebrows and wonder WTF?

Mirror, mirror on the wall - leave me the frig alone, please!

1 comment:

deafjeff said...

Thanks! Now I'm going to be staring at your freakin eyebrows the whole day!


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