Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Used to Care

I see they put the sniper to death this morning. In years and days past that would have annoyed me to all hell. I was always so vehemently opposed to the death penalty.

Today...I didn't care.

Not that I have changed all of my bleeding heart ways, but what the hell can be done?

I've always argued that curbing violence by committing violence doesn't make a lot of sense.

That's kind of like telling your kids not to play with the oven or you're going to burn their fingers off.

Then I would compare it to baling water out of an overflowing sink - you can't cure the problem until you get rid of the clog, right?

Then I used to moan and this is the big one - that those put to death are the ones that can't afford to defend themselves.

That one still bugs me now that I think of it - Capital Punishment is the only law on the books that is given only to the poor and it isn't right.

So, how did I react this morning when Howard Stern's crew commented on the sniper's death?

I didn't cheer like Artie and Howard, but I didn't feel disgusted either.

I couldn't help but think of the loved ones of all the people that those two idiots murdered. I know the pain and I can't imagine the anger in such a situation as that.

So, he's gone - I didn't release the gas that killed him - or however the hell he met his end - but I can't say as I'll miss him either.

I'm too tired to worry about it anymore.

I used to I don't.

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deafjeff said...

What you don't surrender, well the world just strips away...

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