Monday, November 2, 2009

The Baseball gods

I'm not saying that I deserve one more Yankee victory tonight to close out what has been a good World Series, but...

1). My kids need to see that a team they root for doesn't have to miss the playoffs every year, cry about not selling enough tickets (when every game is a sell-out) and make excuses about why they failed. Up until now Sam and Jake have only heard the stories - this would be a first for them. (Matt will forever suffer because his wagon is tied to the losers).

Give it to them baseball gods.

2). I've stayed up late on back-to-back nights and tonight will be night three in a row. I know there are Philly fans staying awake too, but damn, I'm tired. Don't make me stay up again on Weds.

3). I rooted for the Yankees during the down, dark years of this decade when they had the gall to lose two World Series' and only won 8 of 9 American League East Titles - it's been way too long between championships.

4). It's been a long, shitty year! Never in my life did I believe that I'd be celebrating a championship without my brother at my side, but this year some people have truly sucked it up so that I ain't alone in this.

Those of you still hating - thank you - it makes me smile.

Those of you who attempted to pretend to like the Yanks - if they win you can go back to hating again next year.

Those true Yankee fans that text late into the night and make fun of Buck-hole and McIdiot - you know how much fun it is.

Yet, we may all be ahead of ourselves a bit. There's still one more win to get!

Get it tonight please so I can get to sleep early and so I don't hear Joe Buck in my nightmares.

How much money did CC sign for? (He only mentioned that 55 times) Jealous moron!

After all, Uncle George and Cousins Hank and Hal have to get ready to sign more free agents!

Twenty-Seven? Seven in my lifetime!

Can't you almost touch it?


Gag said...

Not to night my friend. Lee will pull through to prolong it for another day. Did you hear McIdiot say that Veterans stadium was half a mile from Citizens Bank Park? It was in the parking lot next door.

Larry L said...

27 more outs for the 27th championship! Last night to stay up late but it will even be a shorter night because of the celebrating!


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