Monday, November 30, 2009


I saw the kick coming from more than three feet away and I was quite aware that it was going to make contact with the back of my head, but I just wasn't quite sure how forceful it would be.

The foot made contact and I felt instantly dizzy, wondering how big the knot on the back of my head would be, but I had little time to recover as my assailant was gearing up for another roundhouse kick.

Luckily, I grabbed his leg and twisted him to the couch sofa.

No, I didn't finally take a beating due to my big mouth - I was fighting off no fewer than 3 of my nephews with two of my sons also in on the attack.

You see, it started with Rocco, James jumped in, and Johnny actually threw the roundhouse kicks. Sam and Jake were also on my back.

Despite being knocked woozy, I was laughing harder than I've laughed in the entire year of '09.

Thankfully, my wife saved me from further assault by calling an end to the beating, but you know, I would have suffered for another hour or so before I got tired of it.

"Yeah, get your wife to save you, tough guy," James cried.

And it dawned on me through the dizzy haze of being knocked for a loop that the kids surely have the antidote for pain and it's their graceful, unfiltered ability to turn any moment of any day into a kick-ass party.

And it's a party free of intoxicants, peer pressure, or aggravation.

When I woke up this morning my hand instinctively went to the spot where John's right foot made contact and although it was tender at best, I smiled.

They should bottle the antidote and sell it at every mall.

The kids have cornered the market.

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Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

No doubt. You just lightened my mood, thank you!


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