Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shroud of Turin and the Big Bang

Couple of items in the news today. A woman is claiming that the Shroud of Turin has markings on it that prove it was not a forgery and really was the burial cloth of Jesus.

Meanwhile in Europe they are staring up the big bang machine and circulating protons around in an effort to be scientific.

I suppose that if I were forced to choose I'm more religious than scientific mostly because I was sent to a Catholic school where religious teachings were delivered as truths and the nuns frankly didn't know much about science. They were good English teachers though.

Yet I'm wondering...should we be messing around with this stuff?

Sure if the show The Big Bang Theory is any sort of barometer the scientists are smarter than me (and where else would I be getting my science knowledge from these days).

And don't even get me started on Penny (she's always been a favorite of mine).

But when we start swinging protons around and smashing atoms, and doing whatever else we're doing, aren't we sort of messing with the natural order of things, whatever that may be?

And to doubt the Shroud of Turin? Sister Ambrosete would hammer you with the ruler if you even thought that.

As usual there is so much out there that can get you confused and I'm sure that little bits of proof will send the conspiracy theorists into a tizzy.

That is of course, until Leonard and Sheldon blow the whole freaking thing skyhigh.

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deafjeff said...

Of course we should leave everything to the religious types, the world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth and a 13th century forgery is for sure 2000 years old because it says esu in greek!

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