Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, I broke down and started looking at it every once in awhile. My wonderful sister established it for me and even though I didn't really need another site to go to, I decided to check in one day...

...and now I have another avenue to talk with old friends that I haven't seen in awhile and I'm starting to come around to the idea, I suppose.

Yet I still don't get it completely.

Why do people post what they're having for dinner? Or that they just brushed their teeth? And what's up with all of these damn games?

I can't keep up!

Also every morning I get to read someone else's horoscope - why would I care?

The cool thing about it is that I'm friends with my boys and just the other day I received an e-mail that said "Kathy and Cliff Fazzolari are now friends!"

That was refreshing.

Anyway, I don't know where all of this is headed. We are all sharing our thoughts, days, and actions - one big community, I suppose, and it doesn't seem to hurt anyone, right?

Until someone steals all of our identities and signs us up for the War in Iraq.

Ah, well, why worry about it?

Now what the hell is Twitter?


Larry L said...

To my understanding Twitter it is another way to find out who took a shit and when.

Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

Can you imagine if Jeff was on Facebook????

AndreaRenee said...

PS - 1) Just a little while ago, 2) yes, I can imagine, and 3) I'm on both... ;)

CorLeone said...

I can teach you to tweet Cliffy...Glad you're enjoying your FB........Oh and 'wonderful'...thanks


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