Saturday, November 28, 2009

Et Tu Tiger

If you could get the genie wishes from the lamp you might go for being the most respected top man in your profession - ever.

You might instead go for the million square foot mansion with the marble driveway.

More money than you can ever possibly spend might end up in the conversation too.

Or how about the beautiful blond, model wife who seems more than Barbie Doll perfect?

Is it fame you want? How about being more famous than the Pope?

So, yesterday's minor car crash involving Tiger Woods was a bit of a surprise, and the reports coming out about the possible cause are even more hair-raising.

Was Tiger having an affair?

Did his wife scratch his famous face and then chase him down the driveway wielding a golf club?

Can something be askew in the fairy tale life?

I suppose the short answer is that we should have seen it coming, but who really knows for sure?

Perhaps he was just fiddling with the radio trying to get E Street radio on the Sirius receiver. Maybe he was just trying to find a penny that had rolled under the seats.

In any event, I suppose that there is a bit of trouble in the Garden of Eden that masquerades as Tiger's life.

Maybe he should have wished for peace of mind when he was rubbing that lamp.

That'll be my first wish, for sure.

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