Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buy the Book

Saw a Stephen King Press Conference on the release of his new book...

I like Stephen King even though he's a Red Sux fan. I loved that he would read between innings of the World Series games. I would read too if I had to cheer for those lowlifes.

Yet I also enjoy that he promotes reading. There is still nothing better than reading a good book. It's always better than the movie and a hundred times better than the audio books. There is something special about just being lost in a story and thinking along with the author.

Of course, I might be biased here. I learned to write because of a love for reading. I've actually kind of set a record lately, reading just one book after another, kind of trying to escape into a place where things can be controlled and make a little sense.

There is a lot of talk these days that books will go to the wayside because of the freaking Internet and Facebook and Twitter and stupid, self-serving blogs.

Oops, I do most of those things.

Yet I like King believe that there will always be a place for bound thoughts and I still believe that ten bucks for a book to hold and save and slap a fly with is the greatest of bargains.

Through the years I've signed a lot of books and it pains me to see them on E-Bay,or know that they are in the bottom of some one's book cabinet, collecting dust. Each one is a child of sorts, and you want everyone who ever plucks down the money for them to appreciate what you were thinking.

I'll most likely buy the new Stephen King book. He may be a Red Sux fan while I am a fan of the 27-TIME WORLD CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEES - but we will be forever linked on the Internet as we both wrote and published a book called Desperation.

It always thrills me to enter Desperation into Google and see our names side-by-side.

Bad news for Stephen King.

Like our baseball teams - my version of Desperation was better.

His sold more.

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