Monday, November 23, 2009

Are Anyone's Ears Ringing?

Some thirteen hours after the concert and my ears are still ringing.

I've seen the future of Rock and Roll and it's still Springsteen. The show was absolutely incredible for anyone who was there to witness it, and the pre-show party was also fairly epic - Fuzzy-style. Plenty of food, drink, laughter, sadness, and mayhem.

I'm just glad that Bruce is taking a break because I certainly need one.

Yet what is really mind-boggling is that he performed 33 songs - without so much as a single break - I saw him play nearly 30 years ago and yesterday's show was every bit as energetic as that one.

Still the beauty of Bruce is that he has a way of connecting with each member of the audience.

When Jake was sick nearly ten years ago, I continually played the song "My Love Will Not Let You Down."

The song is not a hit, had rarely been played on this tour and had very little business being in this set, but on a night when he just kept going and going and going, he was able to fit it in for Kathy and I to sing along.

Which if you never heard us sing a duet, is a real treat for everyone around us.

And to those who think it's over...

32 songs in - the lights on the verge of coming up, the crowd in a frenzy and the energy level high, Bruce made an announcement...

"We ain't done yet."

He played one more song, but I think he meant it to quiet those who are thinking they're retiring.

They ain't done yet.

Jeff Miers of the Buffalo News said it best in his review - they were playing as if their very future depended on it.

Awesome. Greatest performer ever.

My ringing ears attest to that much.

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