Thursday, November 5, 2009


It kind of got ridiculous there for awhile, didn't it?

Everyone who ever met my brother Jeff knew that he wasn't Matsui's biggest fan. Although he thought Hideki was okay, he wondered why they called him Godzilla.

Now we know.

The thing about it was that Sam, who owns a jersey of every single Yankee player wore Matsui on his back tonight.

And Lynn called just before Matsui came to bat to tell me that Matsui sucks...

And I was just so emotional- waiting and hoping!

"Why'd you pick Matsui?" I asked Sam before the game started.

"I just grabbed it," Sam said, shrugging.

But I knew why I wrote, on Facebook, that Matsui would homer tonight.

It was a tribute.

When Matsui clubbed three foul balls, hard, in the second inning, I turned to my wife - "He's going to do it now," I said.

The next pitch was high into the upper deck.

And something different happened.

In all the years and through all the pitches thrown that were hit or missed, and with all the feelings that the Yankees should never lose... and with six championships already in my pocket, I did something I never did before...

...I cried!

Reggie's three home runs didn't matter anymore. Beating the Mets in 2000 wasn't that big of a deal. The 125 win team in 1998 - no comparison!

When the ball left, I cried. In my heart, I cried. In my mind, I cried. And for ever more. Amen.

Yet, there was more - a two-run double!


And then...

A two run double...

By ... Matsui

And alright, dude...I'm getting the message.

You're there.

MVP - Matsui!

Great to share another championship with you!


chris said...


deafjeff said...

your theory of him pulling the strings to set this all up...well this non-believer is having second thoughts.

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