Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Will There Be Silence?

So, this was the deal.

Sam & Jake got season tickets with the one condition being that should they not qualify for the playoffs this year...

...there would be no talking about how good they will be next year.

Oddly enough we watched the Miami game together.

Sam had enough of freezing his ass off at the stadium and gave up his ticket to Jake's buddy. Jake and his buddy went to the game, but called me to get them before it was over.

"Too damn cold."

There we sat.

The Bills actually looked like they were gonna' lose, then it looked like they'd pull it out.

Win. Lose. Win. Lose.

It was a roller coaster of emotions for the boys.


"They're gonna' lose," I said.

It's sort of played out the same way for 17 full years now.

I'm the Debbie Downer of the Bills season.

They lost.



I decided to try out my winnings.

"How of you think they stack up next year?" I asked Sam.

"I respect your question," He said. "But I will not be commenting on that."

We even had a houseful of people here discussing the Bills over Christmas. Every time the talk turned to next year both Jake and Sam said the same thing:

"We have no comment at this time."


"16 and 0 bitches!" He called out.

I didn't actually buy him a ticket...

...didn't think it through.

One more dopey bastard that needs to be silenced.

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