Thursday, December 15, 2016

D.B. of the Week - Pastor David Grisham

I have to bring back the DB of the week just for Christmas-time.

Did you hear about Pastor David Grisham who visited a mall in Texas so that he could save the misguided children?

D.B. Grisham had a bull horn and he announced to the children in line that Santa Claus is a fraud perpetrated by their parents.

He kept saying this over and over because he wanted to make sure that the kids...some as young as 3-years old...understood that Christmas is about Jesus...and not some man in a red suit and beard.

I wasn't there with my children, of course, but man this "frosts my ass" (as my college buddy, Fluff, used to say).

Not very-Christian of you, Pastor Dumb-Ass.

As you might expect the religious big mouth wasn't very popular with the parents of the children.

One Dad confronted him, but he kept right on going, yelling that Jesus deserves the love and attention that these heathen children bestow on the fictional present-giver.

Doesn't Pastor Dave sound like a real picnic?

I swear to God!

As I've aged I have really been completely turned off with the people who claim to be Holier Than Thou acting like true pieces o'crap.

How many people can you name who cherry pick aspects of their religion and use it to treat others like absolute dog poop?

I'm sure a bunch of faces popped into your mind.

What was that guy's end game?

To convert children to denounce Santa?

All he did was confuse excited children and anger a whole bunch of parents.

Oh...he got a little attention too.

When confronted he went off on his little rant about the world becoming a bad place because people aren't Jesus-like.


He probably should look it up, besides, Santa - Saint Nicolas - was a real dude.

He passed out presents... make people feel a little better about themselves.

He didn't stand like a a line where excited kids waited for a moment with Santa... he could crush their spirit.


Just when I'm working to garner up a little of holiday spirit I have to read about this dude.

I hope Santa poops in his stocking.

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