Friday, December 16, 2016

Sager...Thicke...White-Outs...Lying Santas

I knew it would be a challenging week.

I was severely overbooked and everything would have to break right for it to be bearable.


I was on Route 81...a horrible road in the winter...when I saw the dreaded sign:


Since we were going 8 MPH at the time, and since I couldn't see a damn thing...reckless behavior was out of the question.

I traveled 20 miles in about 2 hours.

During that ride I got a news flash about Craig Sager losing his battle with cancer.

I listened as Gilbert Gottfried (one of my favorite comedians ever) speak of the loss of his friend Alan Thicke.

I also listened to the news about the Santa, who may have lied about a child dying in his arms.

A lying Santa???

Jake texted me about Sager.

"Boy 2016 is ass!" He wrote.

It has been one of the strangest years ever.

A lot of celebrity deaths.

Crazy weather.

A horrific election battle.


"You got that right," I texted back.

Drive safe...stay warm...

...At least Gilbert made me laugh.

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