Sunday, December 4, 2016

Same Old Story

I limp into the end of the week these days. It's been that way for awhile.

On Saturday morning I woke up with a headache.

Did a little paperwork, wrote a little and spent some time easing into my favorite 2 hours of the week:


I only slept about an hour and 15 minutes, but woke up with a clear head.

Then off to massage to see if I could get my legs working.

On the way home my mind was really clear and (go figure) Bruce was on my radio. During One Step Up I was struck by a line I'd heard a thousand times.

"Sitting in this bar tonight and all I'm thinking, is I'm the same old story, the same old act."

A simple line, really, but full of a wallop.

The guy is trapped in self-pity and has come to the simple realization that he's falling into the old traps that bring him down.

I've heard Bruce talk about it before and it's a fascinating subject because we all do it.

We carry the seeds of our own destruction with us and as we walk along the road in the journey of this life, we spill the seeds.

We even know we're doing it!

"I'm the same old story. The same old act."

You get the impression that he'd like to change the way it's going...

...but he can't.

Now I didn't have any reason, coming off a good week of work, a nap and a massage, to feel like the guy in the song...

It just struck me.

The lies we tell ourselves to make it all work in our minds.

Day in and day out we all find a place of comfort.

Bruce has a song called Leah...where he attacks it...

"With this hand I build and with this I burn."

East of Eden is also a book about it.

Good versus evil within our choices.

I spent the rest of the evening trapped in the single line of that song...breaking it down and thinking it through.

It led me into thinking about a whole new book...

I have one to edit and one to finish...and I was plotting a whole new story.

Off of a single line in a song I've heard over and over and over again for the last 30 years.


I know.

But it's how I cope.

The same old story.

The same old act.

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