Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Corinne!!

My sister loves taking her nephews out to lunch.

They love going because they're always laughing.

Years and years of laughing together.

That's what's awesome about family and I know that my boys are going to take a little time today to say;

Happy Birthday to Corinne!!

I always tell a story about the days gone past on the birthday of my siblings and with Christmas just around the corner I was thinking about the year when Corinne woke me up about an hour before we were supposed to be up.

We headed down to the basement where Santa had set all the toys up for us.

I knew it was wrong to play with any of the toys yet.

Corinne knew it too, but we were less than 10 years old.

We played, figuring we could get the jump before anyone else woke up.

We got busted.

We had to sit and wait for a few minutes.

It was Christmas though and we weren't punished for too long, but I remember thinking:

"Damn! Why did I listen to her?"

Since that time I've listened to a whole lot of stuff that Corinne has said.

She's mostly pulled me in the right direction.

And my kids love her.

And my wife loves her.

And so do I!

Happy Birthday.

Bruce released his audio book on your birthday, just to mess with you!

I'll pick it up for you if you want!

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