Monday, December 5, 2016

Stop Tweeting!!!

I have some advice for the dude who got the 2nd most votes in the recent election.

Stop tweeting!!

Alec Baldwin is playing the president-elect on SNL. It happens every week.

The portrayal isn't flattering.

Baldwin (who is a loud liberal in real life) is playing up the fact that the guy who's going to be president for the next 8 months or so has a short attention span.

I saw the was SNL...the same show that showed Clinton and Lewinsky in all their glory, and even as far back as Gerald Ford (with Chevy Chase poking fun)...SNL does what they do.

So, how does Bigly respond to the fact that he's petty and short of span of attention?

He tweets that he's watching the unwatchable show...

...and that it's horrible!



Pay attention to the details of the job... not talking to Taiwan...

...when we have an alliance not to recognize them outside of China.

That's a minor detail...

...that has major ramifications.

And I'm not saying that you can't watch television.

You just don't have to comment on everything!

Write it and don't hit send!

Scream it at your golden dog!

Getting made fun of comes with the job.

Every leader back to Washington was made fun of.

I don't imagine that it's fun to be the guy getting hammered, but it's just a comedy show.

Laugh it off.

Turn it off.

Just stop tweeting about it.

'Cause it's just going to get worse.

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