Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fake News

I was thoroughly annoyed the other night...

...I'm not even sure where I saw it, but a REAL reporter was interviewing a man who claimed to be good at writing FAKE news stories.

The man was bragging about how much money he received to write stories that had half-truths, and outright LIES in them about Clinton during the presidential election.

The man - I didn't even get his stupid name - claimed to have wanted Clinton to win the election, but he was paid handsomely... he wrote FAKE stories, posted them on-line and watched as the world freaked out.

"What a scumbag!" I said to the empty hotel room.

The guy had a smug smile on his LYING face.

His reasoning was that it wasn't up to him to interpret the stories.

He just enjoyed writing the FAKE GARBAGE.

Social media is a MESS.

Go through your timeline on Facebook and Twitter.

There are sensational headlines...

...nasty photos...

...horrified reactions.

And the whole freaking thing might be completely MADE-UP!

All of this is at the forefront, of course, because of the crazed gunman who burst into a pizza joint in Washington, D.C. because he believed that Clinton was operating a child sex ring out of the basement of the place.

Someone wrote that story!

Thousands upon thousands of people believed it!

So, this man got into his car in North Carolina and drove to D.C. and with his legally purchased high-powered firearm he came in firing.

Clinton and her people weren't there!

No child sex ring!

Imagine that.

Yet, what are we going to do about FAKE news.

Not everyone is as crazed as this dude, right?

Isolated incident, right?


People are being DUPED!

Maybe not to the extent of this man, but at least a little... some of it.

Of course, this isn't a one-sided affair.

There are plenty of stories about President Elect P*&%y-Groper...

And his stories are even harder to decipher because the reality is such a MESS, but here's the thing...

...I am a guy who loves to read anything and everything.

I find this to be repulsive and annoying.

I also believe that it is DANGEROUS...

...because our world is now undeniably EXPLOSIVE.

(This is a real story).

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