Friday, December 23, 2016

So Many Things

There are so many things that I miss about My Dad.

I think of them a little more on his birthday, but it happens most every other day as well.

How many times we laughed together. 

There's a Willie Nelson joke that I told him during his last year. We were standing in the backyard and he looked at me kinda' weird when I started telling the joke and when I nailed the punch line...his laugh was so genuine.

I see that in my head from time to time, and to this day, I feel sad whenever I tell that joke.

(Ask me to tell you the joke in private - was a little racy).

I consider all of his lessons:

Work hard, success will come.

Don't compete with anyone but yourself.

Most people are out for themselves.

So many lessons...all playing over and over in my head.

The Cooking!

Every single time I cut an onion for the sauce I hear him saying: "Cut it small!"

Whenever I put the garlic in the pain: "Don't burn the garlic!"

I recall the day when he finally told me the recipe for pasta and peas.

He still was a way better cook than me...even though I really try!

The December Car Ride:

We worked together in Connecticut - on his birthday we started the drive home and my car was breaking down.

Snow, cold, the heater didn't work.

"I'm thinking it's the solenoid," He said.

"Exactly what I was thinking!" I exclaimed.

He laughed hard again.

Dad sacrificed a lot for all of us.

Everything actually!

But his love was right there on his sleeve for all of us to see, embrace and take into our own hearts.

I hate the fact that he's not here with us.

But he really is.

I share stories with my boys.


I live my life in service to my family...

...because that's what he taught me to do.

Every day of his life.

What a Dad.

How fortunate we were.

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