Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Day of 2016!

Social media is filled with people saying 'Adios!'... what has been a trying year.

Why do we all collectively agree that 2016 has kind of sucked?

I have a few theories.

1). The Election

The entire thing was exhausting, divisive, aggravating, and irritating. We all hated it. Even the people who got the result that they think they wanted. There were daily fights on Twitter, Facebook, the daily shows, the nightly shows.

I don't think the calendar flipping to 2017 is going to solve the problems that were started because of this, but hopefully we will try.

2). Celebrity Deaths

Bowie, Prince, Michael, Ali, Thicke, Henderson, Fisher, Reynolds...

...I can't even think of all of them!

One after another!!

People we actually grew up watching, listening to...

...celebrities are weird creatures. We all think we know them a little, right? I was shaken by a couple of the deaths, and I don't know why. I still shake my head every time I see Gandolfini on screen.

It just brings people down!

3). Divided!

Black versus white.

Pro-gun versus Anti-Gun

Libtard versus Alt-Right

All of these things have been brewing long before the candidates took sides and brought them all to light.

I am of the mindset that people are a lot closer to agreeing on the issues we face...

...but there is a label for everyone.

I never once believed that I was liberal, conservative, moderate or something else.

Didn't care.

Still don't!

When I think about something I don't consider how it falls into the definition of which party it lines up with.

Yet it appears that others believe I am a libtard.


2016 brought it all to the forefront.

It needs to be solved.

I believe it will get a lot worse before it gets better.


I didn't release a book because I got lost in writing a second one before I completely finished up the other one.

Unusual, but it's okay.

I was really productive.

They'll come out eventually!

The family is good. Work was productive. Had some laughs.

So, was 2016 all that bad?


More always.

Read more. Write more.

Laugh more.

Take a day off now and again!

Less social media.

No political fights.

Stay hungry.

Stay alive!

Happy New Year to All!!!

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