Thursday, December 1, 2016

Burning the Flag

We have a Bigly debate going on already.

The dude who's gonna' be sitting in the big chair (I think) started the debate by ignoring the fact that the Supreme Court has twice ruled that burning the flag is protected by the constitution in the freedom of expression category.

The people screaming loudly beside the mouth would have no problem if the first amendment was somehow altered are the same dudes who shout "what do you not understand about not infringed" about the second amendment that other people find faulty.

And who said that this wouldn't be fun?

Listen, I have no intention of burning a flag. Like kneeling during the anthem I think it's a little about "look at me", but the number one treasure about being American is that we are free!

Free to express our discomfort in any way that we see fit.

Free to sing "America the Beautiful" from the purple mountain closest to us.

And free not to!

It really isn't all that complicated.

Is it?

I guess what needs to be said is that not everyone thinks like you.

Maybe that's what we all need to recite as a mantra before we say anything in response to every argument.

I KNOW not everyone thinks like me...I also KNOW that those who disagree have the right to be as WRONG as they want to be.

I would NEVER burn a flag.

I don't think much of people who express their aggravation in such a manner. I think it's short-sighted and again, attention-seeking...


I don't know how they've felt slighted by their country.

In North Korea all citizens are forced to stand, salute and march in step...even if their leaders are oppressing every ounce of individuality out of them.

Is that what we are aspiring to do here?

I hope not.

'Cause if we are, we're in more trouble than we can imagine.

It really is a pretty simple argument.

If you believe in the constitution.

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