Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I'm Like A Smart Person

I hate meetings.

I remember working for my Dad years ago and he was running a meeting. He said that his first order of business was to schedule a meeting to figure out why we had to have so many f&$@ing meetings.

Everyone laughed.

I was once invited to a mandatory sales meeting. My boss knew I hated meetings but he made me go. At the end of the meeting he said:

"We're gonna' go around the table and I want a suggestion from everyone."

When he got to me I said:

"We should have food at this meeting."

Last meeting I was invited to.

So, I get Bigly saying that he doesn't want to go to the Intel meetings every day, but...

...doesn't he, like, not know much about the world?

He said that he didn't need the meetings because:

"He's like a smart person."


A smart person?

Perhaps the intelligence meetings are not truly needed.

Who are we to question the guy who's going to lead the free world?

I recall saying that I'd like to think that the president can beat me in a game of scrabble.

I don't know if that is absolutely necessary in today's world.

Hell, Kanye Kardashian is running next!

Let's just change the rules...

...if you're LIKE a smart person you can bow out of any and all meetings.

Actual smart people want information...

...but LIKE a smart person knows everything already, right?

I get it though.

When you know more than the generals...

...why listen to the generals?

They aren't LIKE smart people.

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