Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jeopardy Life

There's so much negativity.

I stumbled across a positive story.

This week a woman, Cindy Stowell, appeared on Jeopardy.

In fact, she just kept winning and winning.

And she didn't get to see the results as she died between the time the shows were taped and were aired.

She didn't care.

It was her plan all along.

Seems that she loved the show, knew she was dying, and wanted to win so that she could donate some money to the research to prevent the disease that killed her:


How could anyone root against a contestant like that?

You'd hope she won a billion, right?

I don't watch the show much.

My brain isn't fast enough to comprehend the question and then put the answer back in the form of a question.

I know some of the answers, mind you, but I just shout them out.

And Alex is a bit smug when someone gets it wrong:

"No! Sodium Chloride is what we were looking for there."

I'm too busy thinking:

"F&$@ Off, Alex," to think about the next question.

But Congrats to this fine woman and the memory that she created for her family and for the money she raised.

She was dealt a bad hand.

She turned it into a full house.

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