Monday, December 26, 2016

Post-Christmas Scene

I swear that if it weren't for the garbage truck heading down the road I might've slept until 8:00 for the first time in 30 years.


I jumped into a pair of sweatpants and put on my coat. If the tote didn't make it to the road we'd be buried in garbage for a week!

But the boys surprised me!!

One of them (probably Sam) had delivered street-side.

I surveyed the wreckage back in the house...

...some stray bottles and cans...

...a few tables out of place.

Not bad!

'Course me and my beautiful wife had cleaned a lot of it after the last guest left.

I thought about the kids who had been running around.

One kid copped a screwdriver from somewhere (I don't even know where we keep the screwdrivers).

I gave a couple of them dollar bills and (with all their gifts their parents had purchased) they were thrilled with them.

(I kept finding the crumpled ones on the floor...and had to give it back to them a few times).

The food was well-received.

I stood at the end of the line and looked at their filled plates...pasta was nearly gone...turkey was demolished...and they ate all but a spoonful of the nearly 20 pounds of mashed potatoes I peeled and mashed.


It goes by so quickly...

...not just the day...

...but the years.

There was beer-pong going on as the party dwindled down.

I wasn't the guy playing...

...I was the guy saying:

"Those idiots better not ruin anything!"

Another Christmas celebration in the books.

One of my greatest friends in the world texted my own words back to me on Christmas morning.

(Well, Bruce's words).

"Merry Christmas! 'You Just Thank the Lord'."

I may rest a little today...

...hope you all get the chance too.

The day after can be rough!

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