Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just the Moment In Front of You

I certainly could've and probably should've taken a couple of days off during the Christmas rush.

But I didn't.

"You know me," I said to my beautiful wife. "The troubles start when I think I haven't done enough."

So, I shortened a few days to regular days, but I also cleaned a couple of rooms that needed it...

...and 2016 continued to remind me why I don't like to waste moments.

Carrie Fisher was only 60.

These celebrity deaths seem to remind us:

The Big D comes for all of us.

Prince, Ali, Bowie, Michael, Henderson, Thicke...

...and many more..

Met the Big D this year.

All pretty young too.

All icons in the 80's.

And it pains us to be reminded that all we are actually promised is the moment we're in.

I do a pretty good job of reaching out to old friends.

I make absolutely certain that if my family needs me I try and listen...

...and I'm really a little too intense about making the day count, in one way or another.

Try and make someone smile.... something that leaves a mark.

Write a perfect sentence, read a good book.


Last year my resolution was to use my days off.

I didn't actually do that...

...but I didn't mail many days in either!

We all have an expiration date attached...

...losing all the 80's icons brought it home again.


Even the princess!

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