Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We're Pathetic

Pathetic is one of the words I like.

It really speaks to how bad a situation is.

Hapless, hopeless, pointless.


I was making the long, boring drive from Kansas City to Ankeny, Iowa.

I was a little bored.

Opie & Jim, Howard and Jenny McCarthy's shows were over. So, I went to CNN and listened to Donald Trump make a speech about the economy.

Herein lies the reason why I believe we are pathetic.

Donald was talking about tax reform.

And the candidate isn't important.

What he was trying to say was.

You know who he was selling his speech to?

The hard-working, underpaid people of the middle class and the poor, forgotten folks who have been left behind as they chase the American Dream.

Same old, pathetic speech!

Donald spelled out his plan:

Lower the tax responsibility of the rich.

The reasoning being that if we cut taxes on the wealthy the "good-paying" jobs will be hanging from the trees.

It'll make us great again!


The Wall Street influence is cried about, whined about, argued about and will eventually be worked out!

We will win!!!

Color me skeptical.

Donald's plan is out there.

Hillary will sing a similar tune although she may try and hide the fact that the tax burden will be less on the rich...

...but make no mistake...

...her speech will also be equally pathetic.

And the common dude will pick which slogan works best. The candidates will be picked apart and a decision will be made, and finally... November...

We will go to the polls and decide...

...on the candidate that we find to be...

...the least...


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