Sunday, August 14, 2016

These Are the Days

I was swinging the hammer to tenderize the flank steak to make the braciole that I was using to stuff my peppers.

And, of course, I thought of my Dad.

He would make braciole about once a month.

It's a lot of work!

But I finished and then I sat down to try it. There were certainly enough similarities to bring Dad to mind again.

Why did he work so hard every week to make the Sunday dinner that was enough to feed us and any and all of our friends?

I thought of the love involved...and it helped me to realize that we live our lives striving for all the good things. Family, friends, togetherness...

...and in the end those that are left behind will take stock in the why you did the things you did.

These are the days.

Despite all the work, all the angst.

What all that results in is that legacy that we leave behind for all who love us.

My days are happening right now!

My children are gathering information.

"Dad worked hard."

"Dad made sure we all had enough to eat, and money in our pockets."

"I was never afraid to go to Dad when I had a problem."

Those are all things I certainly could say about my Dad as he went about living his life. These days, my children can say it about me.

They are important days.

This weekend is also about Jeff as well. His kids are here. Johnny has been at Camp Clifford. He's listened to the stories.

He has formed a legacy in his mind for a Dad who didn't get enough days, but provided us all with enough information to know that it was about love and family and deep friendships.

That's all we are doing here.

Living out our days, as best we can to build something.

I often think about those who live only for themselves and leave behind a legacy of hurt and rage.

I don't think of those people for long.

I'm busy living my days.

Live yours to the fullest.

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