Friday, August 12, 2016

Adios A-Rod

So, it wasn't quite as wonderful as A-Rod and the Yankees made it out to be.

Since A-Rod announced that he was leaving the Yankees and would take a coaching position there has been some discussion of his playing time.

You see, A-Rod is 4 homers shy of being one of only 4 that hit 700...(only two did it fairly).

Yet, Alex would like to join Barry Bonds, The Real HR King - Henry Aaron and Babe Ruth.

Except Joe Girardi, the Yankee manager, didn't give two poops about what A-Rod wanted.

He didn't play him at all this week - except for a pinch hit appearance.

You see, Joe is still of the mindset that the Yankees can reach the playoffs. He is managing to win. He doesn't believe that A-Rod at 41 years old gives him the best chance to do that.

A-Rod doesn't want to sit on the bench.

The good feelings are gone.

Yet tonight's game is supposed to be it.

And it's supposed to rain hard.

A-Rod asked Girardi if he could possibly play third in his final game.


Years ago I set the lineup for our softball team.

We always had more than the needed players...

...everyone wanted to play.

Some guys had to sit on the bench.

Including me (despite my supreme athletic abilities).

I always felt awful telling a guy that he had to sit.

Some guys got pissed.

I had the wife of one of the benchers scream at me after a game.

Girardi is in a tough spot.

A-Rod wants one more special day...

...Girardi thinks he should be on the bench.

Should be fun!

I'm thinking that A-Rod does rise up though.

I am predicting a loud ovation for him...

...and I think he hits one out.

Check my prediction tomorrow!

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