Friday, August 5, 2016

Mr. Bookman

Do you remember the classic episodes?

About a week ago someone posted a clip of the Bugs Bunny episode where he put the robber in the oven and asked the cop:

"Would I turn the oven on if he was hiding in there?"

"You might rabbit, you might."

And then last night I caught the episode of Jerry losing the library book...

...and Bookman stole the show.

It got me thinking about my other favorite episodes:

The Odd Couple

Hands down...the one where Felix's and Oscar's apartment got robbed and they were tied to chairs...and to pass the time they made funny faces...Klugman had a great face for that episode.


I loved the episodes when Joey moved out on Chandler and Chandler had the goofy roommate who thought that Chandler had slept with his girl. When they teamed up to throw the guy out...

...there were a lot of good ones though.

The Sopranos

There were a million of them!

But when Silvio (Miami Steve) killed Christopher's girlfriend...

...he scared me!!

Breaking Bad

The Fly!

When the fly got into the room and threatened the batch.

The acting was superb.

"Everything is contaminated," Walter says.


Woody's first episode.

Could they survive Coach dying?

Woody was awesome!

They survived!!

King of Queens

The one where Doug won an egg roll eating contest and then went to a play with his wife.

No one played a fat guy better.

And she was a relentless bitch.

Great show and episode!

Family Guy

I could watch this show all's brilliant...but the one where Peter keeps falling down the the R-rated version if you can...


Those are just a few.

What are your favorites???

Bookman tells Jerry that he's a creep for not returning the book.

Larry David...


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