Friday, August 26, 2016

Absolutely Pathetic

I'm out!

Can't take anymore.

Today in election coverage:

Trump called Clinton a bigot and she said he was a racist.

Then he said that she was a liar and she said he was lying when he said that.

He said she doesn't want to talk policy and that black people love him, believe me.

She said black people hate him more than brown people do.

What an absolute shit show.

This is what passes as political discourse?

I mean, I don't know about you, but I am disgusted with all of it.

Who knows what their policies are good for...

...he thinks she's a crook.

....she thinks he steals more than she does.

What the hell happened?

We have never had a political contest like this, have we?

And there are about 75 days to go!

What's next?

Wedgies on the stage?

There needs to be a truce called.

Next idiot to call the other idiot a name is named King idiot of the doofus world.


I'm out!

This is now a political free zone.

Argue your faces off elsewhere.

Clinton or Trump.

(Gotta' go...feeling nauseous).

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