Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trouble In Paradise

Larry King is 82 years old. His wife of nearly 20 years, Shawn, is 56.

Word on the street (the Enquirer) is that she (and how many women do you know named, Shawn) has been having a year-long affair and that the marriage has been effectively over since 2010 as they have been in separate bedrooms since that time.


Poor bastard.

First off, every single time I think of Larry King I think of the interview that he did with a woman who had been raped.

She said "We stopped for food, and when we got back in the car he just attacked me. He raped me in the car, and I knew there was no way of getting away."

Larry asked his follow-up question:

"What happened to the food?"

That right there is enough for Larry to be cheated on every single day for the rest of his life. Yet I laugh every time I think of it.

But imagine what he's going through now. He's been married, what, 9 times, and now, at the ripe old age of 82 he's being absolutely publicly humiliated.

(And for the record...separate bedrooms is the perfect set-up).

Of course, the lovely media is lining up to ask him just HOW humiliated he is and despite some pretty damning evidence he is saying that his wife in NOT having an affair.

Why would she?

It just struck me as pathetically sad. The poor guy has to live his life out in the public and at an age when he probably only wishes that he were napping, he's faced with all this.

Isn't that brutal?

But hey, Larry has been counted out before. If the whole thing goes up in flames perhaps he will find love again.

He's worth nearly a billion dollars.

There has to be another love out there for him, right?

I'm thinking he could land an even younger girl next time around.

Someone might hook up with him for a chance at that much cash.

"What happened to the food?"

You know what the poor rape victim being interviewed answered?


"I don't know."

Good luck, old dog.

Hopefully it all works out.

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