Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic Goals

The athletes are amazing.

They make a commitment to compete for the bronze, silver and gold.

Many of them train day in and day out, month in and month out for years and years.

The only thing I ever committed to on such a grand scale is watching Judge Judy.

They're amazing in their dedication and I admire their feats of strength, speed and agility...no matter the sport.

Yet, with all that being said...

...I don't watch the Olympics...

...at all!

I never have.

I can honestly say that the only Olympic events I've ever watched were the 1980 Miracle on Ice and the Dream Team games with Jordan and Bird.

I have no desire to watch Michael Phelps swim.

Or any of them jump, or run, or throw the shot, or anything else.

Does that make me un-American?

Are you watching?

Michael Phelps swimming across the pool was the number one story on Monday's world report.

They interviewed him, showed him with suction cup marks on his back...

...they spoke of his dedication and of his getting back into the pool after so long away.

Phelps took time off to deal with chasing some of his demons away. He had been in rehab. He had a child.

It had been years and years since he hit the water with any thought on competing.

But here he is at 31...

...chasing medals again.

A few years ago I listened as one of the gold medal winners talked about how little they actually won.

The medal doesn't come with a cash prize.

The guaranteed riches just aren't there.

It's a medal around the neck and back home.

But of course, it's about love of country as well.

Jake was watching an Olympic event one year:

"Who you rooting for?" I asked.

"U.S.A.!" He said, a tad confused. "Why? Who are you rooting for?"

It's a good time to get all of us rooting for the country at the same time...

...black, white, yellow, brown, republican and democrat...


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