Sunday, August 7, 2016

This May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers

I have always sort of cringed whenever someone has blamed the media for their problems.

It's usually just an excuse.

Yet during this presidential fiasco I have been listening to the news a bit more.

It's like not being able to look away from a car crash!

Neither candidate can get through a speech or a rally without being caught in a blatant lie...

...or in saying something epically stupid.

But there certainly is a problem with the reporting of all of it!

And I blame O.J.

Everything is BREAKING NEWS now.

Everything is torn to shreds!

I imagine that back in the old days (when America was great????) the presidential candidates were not so thoroughly vetted.

The guy running for president used to show up...kiss a few babies...and go back into hiding.

The news anchors would show a few photos and say a few things about the candidate...

...and the secrets remained secret.

The dumb things said were repeated and then forgotten.


...the candidate says something dumb.

And the news takes it apart...

...repeats it every ten minutes...

...comments on it...

...and brings on someone who wants to fight about what was or wasn't meant by it.

The candidate then figures out which way the wind blows and decides that he should either fight it...or lie some more about it.

The way that we are electing these "leaders" is pathetic.

The way that the news is being reported is irresponsible at best.

I was listening the other day when the news anchor was interviewing a Trump surrogate about what he had said about Kahn's mother.

(This was a so-called political "expert").

"The Kahn family suffered a great loss, but the war that he died in was because of Obama's and Hillary's failed policies."

Come on now!

That is not even a little true!

But then there is a great deal of shouting as someone who is trying to defend the other side starts spewing something about Trump's wife.

What in the hell are we doing?

The stupid, senseless arguments that can be found on every social media platform... now also on every single news channel.

There was a woman on one of the political shows the other day. (She was on the side of the Democratic candidate).

When it was her turn to talk she stumbled over her first sentence...

...her second sentence...

...and her third sentence.

All three sentences were senseless.

"What an idiot!" I said to the walls of my hotel room.

What a freaking idiot!

One idiot after another.

Every single news show should start with the disclaimer:

This May be Disturbing to Some Viewers.

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